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Our Strategy & Expertise

When a client  comes to us with a need to liquidate their settlement, we work with them to restructure the payments in a way that will prevent them from ever needing to sell again.

  • No Harassment

  • Honest, Responsible Service

We prefer to associate with settlement planners for referrals, unlike popular settlement purchasers who bombard annuity-holders with intruding phone calls and flood their mailboxes with marketing pieces. Instead of spending our dollars on repeat marketing, we put that money back in our client’s pocket.

We give settlement planners and annuitants peace of mind by providing honest and professional service as well as allowing the planner to review the transaction prior to submission. By sending us a referral you can be rest assured that they will receive only the best one-on-one service.

White-Glove Service

We only perform services that are in the best interest of the client, taking into account the welfare and support of the payee’s dependents and any standards under federal or state law, including any financial hardships.

Ethical Standards
Why Choose Us
  • Complete transparency

  • Low interest rates

  • No transaction fees

  • Top-class service from experienced professionals

  • We offer a compliant method of compensation that abides by the SSP Ethics Code Rule #9

We are proud to be an ethical and credible factoring source among an industry of large commercial enterprises that entice annuity recipients with false promises of immediate cash at full value


We guarantee respectful and honest service and choose to conduct our business in a way that  allows the annuity holder to receive the most value for their future payments.

When we determine there is a real need for the factoring of the structured payments, we educate the client on their options and discuss which of their payments would benefit them most to sell and which to hold onto. We then guide them through the legal process and if needed, consult with their settlement planner or attorney. Finally, we deliberate and settle on an amount that ensures the best rate for the sale of their future payments.

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